Monday, February 22, 2010

A clarification...

I've received some nice emails and posts on the Creators site wondering where Lil has gone since the 12th of this month. Actually, she hasn't gone anywhere - the strips that were posted were my sample strips. Lil's official launch is March 1st, and beginning then there will be updates again daily at Diamond Lil.

Many thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read the strip. Lil may not show it, but she does appreciate it. And she'll see you again soon.


  1. Of course, this did nothing for the people over on the Creator's site (since the link to this blog is buried in 'About the Author', so I've copied it over there for them.

    Bad Cartoonist. No doughnut.

  2. DBear,
    Check comment #2 on that same page.

    Now give me back my doughnut.


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