Sunday, April 24, 2011

My favorite Peanuts strip

Yeah, I know it's an odd choice, but I remember first reading this when I was a kid and I could not stop laughing. I came across it again recently and it had me going all over again. There are two reasons I love this one so much: One, it's just so true. Even back in the stone age when I was a kid used car commercials featured salesmen standing in their lots screaming into the camera. And two, Linus' hair. I always laugh whenever his hair is blown back or sticks straight up, and this strip features it in all four panels. I've read a quote from Schulz where he said he enjoyed drawing Linus' hair flying all over the place like this, and I've always found the visual very, very funny. You'll occasionally see me do this with characters' hair in LIL. I also do this to Jon's hair in GARFIELD as often as I can get away with it.

Click on the strip to enlarge it.

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